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Descendants Of The Sun Reunion: Song-Song Couple Meet Again; Marriage Speculations Rise

It’s been a year since hit drama DOTS graced the small screen. There are rumors of a Descendants of the Sun reunion on social media, with the Song-Song couple leading the said event. No confirmation has been made as of the moment, but it looks like a reunion among the cast is possible.

Descendants of the Sun is a Korean television series that aired on KBS2 from Feb. 24 until April 14, 2016. The series stars Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won. It follows the story of a soldier and a doctor’s love story despite the difference in their principles. DOTS was well-received in South Korea and all over Asia and is considered as one of the best K-Dramas in 2016.

Descendants Of The Sun Reunion: Is It Possible?

There are no confirmations as of the moment regarding the reunion. But it can’t be denied that loyal fans are waiting to see the cast of DOTS, especially the Song-Song couple, once again. It has been a year since DOTS aired. Although there is a possibility for a second season, it seems like fans could not get enough of the Song-Song couple.

So far, the Descendants of the Sun reunion still remains a rumor as of the moment. Neither the cast members nor the producers of the drama has given their side regarding the reunion speculation.

Song-Song Couple: ‘Secretly’ Just Married?!

On Jan. 31, Song-Song couple fans were shocked when an announcement about Song Hye Kyo’s “marriage” was announced. Laneige, a cosmetics brand that Song Hye Kyo is the model, posted about the actress on their official Facebook page. The translation for the post was “Laneige’s spokesperson Song Hye Kyo and her ‘Oppa’ just confirmed their wedding date. I’m happy for the two of them and hope that Cupid will favor me soon.”

However, the post was taken down a few minutes later. An edited version took its place: “Laneige’s goddess and spokesperson, Song Hye Kyo, is very happy nowadays. I hope that Cupid will look at me one day.”

The post garnered reactions from many fans. Many wondered if the ‘oppa’ that Laneige was referring was Song Joong Ki. Despite the hype from the post, Laneige did not comment about it. United Artists Agency, Song Hye Kyo’s agency, also gave no statement about Laneige’s post.

Marriage rumors between the Song-Song couple surfaced when the two appeared on the red carpet of KBS Drama Awards last Dec. 31. But the two stars continue to deny the relationship rumors and claim that they “are just friends”.

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