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David Cassidy Nearly Falls Off Stage Because Of Dementia, Retiring To Focus On Health

The latest David Cassidy news reveals that his disturbing performance on Feb. 18 was because of dementia. News reports say that his audience speculated that the actor was intoxicated which is why he almost fell off the stage. In the same venue, Cassidy announced his retirement.

David Cassidy Admits He Has Dementia

David Cassidy revealed that his slur of words, forgetting his lyrics and his near stage accident was not because of intoxication. Us Weekly reports that Cassidy’s rep confirmed that the singer is suffering from dementia.

Cassidy confirmed his rep’s statement in his interview with People Magazine. The Partridge Family star said that he knew that dementia runs in their family, but he was just not ready to accept it. “I was in denial, but part of me always knew this was coming,” said Cassidy.

Apart from Cassidy’s health, the outlet notes that the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant is retiring. The source notes that Cassidy wants to put his focus on his health. The song-writer said, “I want to love. I want to enjoy life.”

More David Cassidy News

Fox News reported that supporters of the former teen heartthrob were concerned about Cassidy’s performance last Saturday. The outlet notes that Cassidy’s audience noticed his slur of words and his long pauses. The source notes that a video obtained by TMZ showed the performer falling backwards off the stage.

Moreover, the publication reports that Cassidy announced that he is retiring and his last show was on Feb. 19. His announcement came as a surprise. Based on his tour schedules, the singer is still booked until June 2017. The aforementioned source noted that his audience made an assumption that his “disturbing performance” was because he’s intoxicated.

The initial report notes that Cassidy had arrests in 2010, 2013 and 2014 because he was driving under the influence (DUI). The report went on to say that his wife of 23 years, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy filed for divorce in 2014.

The 66-year-old Cassidy became popularly known in the 70s as Keith Partridge in the musical sitcom, The Partridge Family. His Keith Partridge portrayal paved the way for him to become one of the most celebrated teen idols of the 1970s.

He also released a few albums from 1972 to 2008. Some of David Cassidy’s albums are Cherish, Rock Me Baby and Cassidy Live! All these top music charts in the US, Australia and UK. In the small screen, Cassidy appeared as a Celebrity Apprentice contestant in 2011. He also guest starred in the now defunct crime series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2013.

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