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Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth: How Cursed Child Will Boost His Earnings

Daniel Radcliffe net worth is at $100 million, having made all of it from playing Harry Potter in the series franchise of the same name. He stands as one of the youngest British millionaires under the age of 30. Since Harry Potter, he appeared in films and theater that further increased his wealth.

In the Harry Potter series, Radcliffe is the second richest, the first being author J.K. Rowling with $1 billion. On the third richest is Emma Watson with $60 million and Rupert Grint is at the fourth with $51 million.

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth To Increase With Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is continuing its run in West End since it began in June last year. While many fans are asking for a screen version of the play, Daniel Radcliffe net worth is set to gain if he ever decides to join the film. He’s open to it, too.

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The production took place 19 years after the last Harry Potter story, the Deathly Hallows. Potter is in his mid-thirties, married to Ginny Weasley, with whom he has three children. He has spent the last years keeping the peace in the wizarding world.

But in the Cursed Child, that peace is being threatened again and Potter has to yield his wand once more. On stage, Potter’s character is being played by Jamie Parker, 37. If Radcliffe wants to portray the role on screen, he wouldn’t need too much adjustment at 27 years old.

To be frank, Radcliffe hasn’t seen the play yet because he felt it would be uncomfortable to sit among an audience of Potter fans. He said, though, that he would think about playing the character that catapulted him to international fame if it ever goes on screen. Watson (Hermione Granger) and J.K. Rowling have both seen the films.

Radcliffe Not Touching His $100 Million

You think that at 26 years old and with loads of Muggle money, Radcliffe would be living lavishly. He’s not, the actor, who owns three properties in Manhattan, said. His money from his Harry Potter days remained unspent.

Radcliffe said he felt very grateful for everything, and that the money gave him freedom not to worry about it. “It also gives me immense freedom, career-wise.” After the Potter films, Radcliffe has been nit picky with his projects, mostly going for quality ones than “crappy” films that will make him loads of money.

Daniel Radcliffe net worth doesn’t even take a hit even if he makes non-mainstream films that tend to do well in film festivals rather than at the box office.

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