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Cynthia Nixon Urges LGBT People To Come Out, Calls Donald Trump A Poser

Cynthia Nixon holds the reputation of being an advocate for LGBT rights in USA. She has been very vocal about the rights of her fellow LGBT brethren since Donald Trump got elected as the president of the country.

Cynthia Nixon is married to wife Christine Marinoni. Recently, she was spotted advocating for gays and lesbians’ rights during a solidarity rally. The rally was held to protest against the President’s immigration ban.

Cynthia Nixon Explosive Speech At Anti-Trump Rally

Cynthia Nixon took the stage to deliver a passionately scathing speech against Donald Trump’s recent decisions. She even questioned the election of Mike Pence as the Vice President of the country. She says, “He poses (Trump) as our ally … but he chooses Mike Pence, the poster boy for anti-LGBT rhetoric, legislation and conversion therapy, as his vice president.”

The Sex and the City star did not mince words before calling Trump a poser, someone who just pretends to support the LGBT group. She is rallying support for people to voice their concerns about the recent changes in legislation. Nixon says LGBT people need to come out because their “coming out has never been more important than it is right now.”

Sex And The City Star Speaks About Gay Parents And Families

In an interview with the Telegraph, Nixon spoke about the prejudices that prevail against gay parents. She says that a child is a child and a family is a family. She also reveals that a lot of people make judgments on gays and lesbians without even knowing them. The 50-year-old actress believes that a lot of “fear and mistrust just evaporates” when we are open to hang around with different kinds of people.

Cynthia Nixon’s most popular project other than Sex and the City is the TV show, Killing Regan. She plays the role of assassinated US President Ronald Regan’s wife Nancy. During the interview, she also spoke about the possibility of bringing up the third Sex and the City movie.

The LGBT Solidarity Rally took place in Stonewall Inn. This was the same place where many mourners gathered for the Orlando’s Pulse nightclub shooting victims in 2016. Other than Cynthia Nixon, other known names like Omar Sharif Jr., NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer were in attendance at the rally.

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