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Cube Entertainment: Agency Confirms BEAST Will Be Reformed

Yes, it has been confirmed. Cube Entertainment announced that the group BEAST will be reformed with Jang Hyunseung and two new members. No comeback details were set yet as well as who the new two members could be.

BEAST is a boy group that became active in 2009. The original lineup composed of Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon. Hyunseung left BEAST in 2016 to pursue a solo career, just before BEAST released the song Ribbon. When the remaining BEAST’s members’ contracts expired, they decided not to renew and established a new independent label.

Cube Entertainment: “BEAST Will Be Reconfigured”

The agency announced, via Korean media outlets, their future plans for BEAST. According to CEO Hong Seung Sung, BEAST will come back as a three-member group. Former member Jang Hyunseung will also to return to BEAST.

“BEAST has earned their spot as the top idols in the industry as Cube’s representative boy group. Jang Hyunseung, an original member, is preparing with two new members to reform BEAST,” Hong said.

Meanwhile, Around US Entertainment released a statement regarding the news. The agency expressed their surprise at the announcement. “We learned about BEAST’s reconfiguration thru the news. We are currently contacting the people in charge to confirm it,” a representative said.

BEAST’s Fans (And Jang Hyunseung) Are Not Happy

BEAST’s fans are not pleased with what Cube Entertainment did. Many are now calling the agency “snake”, “low”, and “desperate” while expressing their support for the original BEAST. Hello KPop reported that the keywords BEAST, Jang Hyunseung, Cube Entertainment, and Around US Entertainment are trending in Naver.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their outrage. One even compared Cube to a snake over what the agency did while another posted about the disrespect.

“You can’t just “re-create” another BEAST, because it’s not the name ‘BEAST’ that made the boys but the boys that made the name ‘BEAST’,” one fan wrote.

In addition to the fans, Jang Hyunseung is also not happy with the development. The singer took to his Instagram account to relay his feelings.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of this. I don’t plan on rejoining BEAST either. I used to think artists who explain their sides on social media are not cool but I can’t leave this alone,” Jang posted. However, the post has been deleted from his Instagram account.

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