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Confirmed Reasons For Kim Sae Rom Divorce

Model Kim Sae Rom and celebrity chef Lee Chan Oh confirmed that they are getting a divorce. After one year and four months of marriage, the two decided to part ways. Both entertainers’ agencies confirmed the Kim Sae Rom divorce news and stated that the former couple has already filed their divorce papers.

Kim Sae Rom and Lee Chan Oh met through a mutual friend last year. The pair dated for four months before exchanging vows in August 2015.

Kim Sae Rom Divorce: Why The Marriage Led To That

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On Dec. 23, Kim Sae Rom’s agency confirmed the reports that she and her husband filed for a divorce. The representative told the media that the reason was irreconcilable differences in personality.

“They decided to end their marriage after separating for a while. Kim Sae Rom and Lee Chan Oh were unable to overcome their personality differences. We cannot disclose any more details because this is a personal matter,” the representative said.

However, many speculated that Lee Chan Oh’s alleged affair caused the couple to divorce. In May 2016, a video was leaked online where a man who was said to be Lee Chan Oh was cuddling with a woman who was not his wife. The chef’s agency denied such allegations and claimed that the woman was Lee’s close friend. In addition to that, Kim Sae Rom took to Instagram to apologize for the rumors.

“Chef Lee Chan Oh and I are doing fine. Thank you very much for your concern,” the model wrote.

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Physical Violence: Another Reason For Kim Sae Rom Divorce

When the Kim Sae Rom Divorce announcement was made, another video about the couple surfaced online. Many claimed that it was a drunk Kim Sae Rom beating up Lee Chan Oh. The video shows the model kicking her former husband even though the latter had a recording device in his hands. According to sources, the video was recorded before Chan Oh committed adultery.

With the release of the video, many are now speculating that physical abuse is one of the reasons why the couple’s marriage ended. Kim Sae Rom’s agency simply said they will look into the video to confirm if it is her or not.

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