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Cinnabon Tweet Over Carrie Fisher Death Gets Mixed Reactions

The death of Carrie Fisher has been a shocker for many Star Wars fans. It seems like the worse news to come in before 2016 ends. Many fans are already blaming this year for having taken away quite a few gems from this world! The voice behind “Last Christmas”, George Michael also left a void in people’s hearts with his passing away.

Fans have been pouring in their condolences over the death of Carrie Fisher on social media. Star Wars cast has been tweeting about the good times they had with their co-star. However, what stuck out as a sore thumb was a tweet by the food company Cinnabon. The tweet by the company has now been deleted after it drew criticism from Tweeple.

Cinnabon Tweet: Was It Necessary To Promote Brand?

As many condolences tweet came about, there were some who found a peculiar way to blend in their product with the message about the death of Carrie Fisher. Cinnabon tweeted a cinnamon portrait of Princess Leia with her coiled bun looking like a cinnamon roll.

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The caption of the tweet by Cinnabon read “RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy.” As soon as the tweet got out, many started calling out the brand for being insensitive and using a loss to promote the brand. They also mentioned, “Here’s to the princess with the second-best rolls in the galaxy.”

Twitter Reactions on Cinnabon’s Tweet

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Some users said that one ought not to use the death of a person to promote a brand. While others seem to think that the late Star Wars princess wouldn’t have cared much about the tweet.

There have been varying reactions to the tweet. However, the outrage led to the brand in taking back their tweet and issuing an apology.

In the light of the apology, many wonder if the outrage was necessary and if the effervescent actress Carrie Fisher would have really taken offense to the tweet.

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