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Chris Brown Soulja Boy Beef: What Were They Fighting About Again

It’s bad enough that every imaginable suffering is present in the world, but we also have to witness the culmination of this Chris Brown Soulja Boy beef. The upcoming March bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is looking like something out of a comic book. We just can’t believe this is happening.

The bout will feature two of the biggest names in boxing—Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mike Tyson. Mayweather will train Soulja while Tyson will take care of Brown. Yes, that’s how serious the fight is.

Chris Brown Soulja Boy beef: How did it start?

The two are actually former friends and even collaborated on at least two songs we know of. The Chris Brown Soulja Boy beef apparently stemmed from Brown’s ex, Rihanna, who run to Soulja after breaking up with Brown. You know what we’re talking about: this was after Brown physically attacked Rihanna at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown Soulja Boy Beef

Screen cap from the Twitter page of DJ Vlad

Although he has no real beef with Brown and he still considers him a “brother,” Soulja claims he and Rihanna dated in the aftermath of the assault. In an interview with Billboard, Soulja said the issue wasn’t about him liking the picture of Karrueche Tran, Brown’s ex. It was really about Rihanna.

Multiple sources said in reports that Brown did not care if Soulja makes a move to many of his other exes, but both Rihanna and Tran are special to the R&B singer. There was no indication that Rihanna really went out with Soulja, even after the latter said they were all over YouTube and Google.

Rapper 50 Cent promoting the bout

Their bout clearly surpassed Twitter and Instagram comments because rapper 50 Cent is actually promoting it. He even enlisted Tyson to train Brown for his upcoming bout with Soulja. On the other hand, Soulja is being trained by one of the greats, too—that’s Mayweather Jr.

In an Instagram video, 50 Cent called Tyson and recruited him to join Brown’s team. Tyson promised that this Chris Brown Soulja Boy beef will come to an end, and Brown will come out on top.

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