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Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran: Death Threats, Restraining Order, And Soulja Boy – What’s Happening

Chris Brown is the bad boy of the music industry. Countless controversies surrounding the rapper has turned him into a dark villain. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are presently right in the center of a controversy. Soulja Boy also is dragged into this whole mess. Read on to know how!

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran began dating each other in 2011. Through a host of breakups and getting back together, this relationship clearly did not represent stability. All of these upheavals has resulted in Karrueche Tran slapping a restraining order against Chris Brown.

Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran: What Went Wrong?

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran relationship always carried the heavy shadow of Rihanna. It is no news that Brown and Rihanna were once a thing and their publicized break up shocked everyone. It is reported that Chris Brown broke up with Tran soon after they started dating as he didn’t want Tran to get hurt because of his friendship with Rihanna.

However, in December 2013, Tran shared an Instagram post which clearly indicated that they are back together. The most recent episode of their fall-out has been Karrueche Tran claiming that the rapper has threatened to kill her. E! News reports on the documents submitted by Tran which states that the rapper harassed her.

The documents read, “Brown threatened to kill me to others, threatened me via text messages and threatened to harass my friends.” She also says that he threatened to shoot her.

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The American model spoke about text messages exchanged between December 2016 and January 2017 where Brown made several threats including hitting her and making her life hell. The actress cum model also claims that Chris had ‘punched’ her in the stomach ‘twice’ and ‘pushed’ her ‘down the stairs’. It doesn’t look like Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran relationship was ever that rosy.

How Did Soulja Boy Come In The Picture?

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown apparently became sworn enemies when the former started liking Karrueche Tran pictures on Instagram. One episode where Soulja Boy commented with heart emojis didn’t go down too well with Brown.

A source told, “Chris Brown is incredibly jealous and once you date him he feels like you should never date anyone else. The whole Soulja Boy thing really got under his skin and riled him up.”

Apparently Soulja Boy and Chris Brown were going to go in for a real fight. But the whole thing fizzled out because Chris backed out. In an Instagram video, Brown was heard saying, “If I love you, b***h, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’m gonna make you miserable. I’m gonna chase that n***a out… ”

It looks like Chris Brown has clearly lost the plot. Hope the Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran saga doesn’t get worse than this.

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