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Cheryl Pregnant: Liam Payne Remains Mum Despite ‘Labor’ Speculations

Cheryl pregnant news is all over the internet. As per reports, she is going to give birth to her and Liam Payne’s first child. Up until now, though, we haven’t heard anything about their “baby girl.” The two remained mum about it on social media and no source can confirm this exciting news.

This week, the former One Directioner flew back to London from Los Angeles to be by Cheryl’s side. This led many of his fans to speculate that the former X Factor judge is on labor and Payne is about to become a father.

Cheryl Pregnant No More?

Cheryl hasn’t posted on her Instagram account for over five weeks. This meant for fans that the news of Cheryl pregnant is about to come to their conclusion. They went into overdrive, theorizing among themselves about what could possibly be happening inside a hospital room.

Cheryl PregnantPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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Payne just came from Los Angeles, where he is working on his solo album to prepare for its release later this year. Remember, One Direction is currently on hiatus following the breakoff with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend.

Cheryl, who knows a thing or two about going solo, has been “incredibly supportive” of Payne and his music. She knows how tough it is to have a solo career and how hard it is to break out on your own. This is especially hard for Payne, who came from a wildly successful English boyband.

Cheryl and Liam never publicly confirmed that they are going to have a baby. Cheryl, however, will reportedly show off her baby bump in a new Loreal campaign. The 33-year-old’s photos will apparently be put on billboards everywhere, including at the Piccadilly Circus in London.

Niall Horan Happy For The Couple

Although the two never officially confirmed they are having a baby, Payne’s former bandmate Niall Horan is too happy to acknowledge it for them. In an earlier interview, Horan said that he is looking forward to meeting this baby One Directioner.

He also said that Liam is surely nervous, although he hasn’t been very vocal about it. There are no comments from former Directioners Malik and Harry Styles.

Payne was recently photographed shopping for baby girl clothes, leading many to believe they’ll have a baby girl Directioner this month. A Silver Cross pram delivery van was also spotted outside the couple’s home. Silver Cross is a posh baby furniture company also hired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Cheryl pregnant and the baby will surely be going to have the best care.

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