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‘Cheeseburgers and Beers’ – The Matthew McConaughey diet for Gold!

Matthew McConaughey diet isn’t an intricate one. The methodical actor stuck to cheeseburgers and beers for his Gold role.

The Interstellar actor plays a tenacious prospector yearning to make it big in the upcoming drama, Gold. This role, however, required him to put on some weight and he did just that. The Gold trailer portrays him as an over-weight, down-at-heel opportunist, desperate to make big bucks. Thanks to Matthew McConaughey diet, the director succeeds in bringing the character to its entirety.

Matthew McConaughey Diet, Duration

Considering he’s no stranger to going extreme levels for his roles, the diet for Gold was cake-walk! Furthermore, the actor himself spoke on the Ellen Show about his eating habits during the filming. Turns out, it wasn’t very hard. Perhaps, that’s the usual diet for most of the people anyway. “Cheeseburgers and beers“, he establishes, “8 months, whenever I wanted“.

Ellen, on the other hand, took no time to ask if there were any adverse effects from his habit. Matthew gave a rather upbeat answer to it, saying, “I never got tired, slept great and was energetic“. In addition to that, he goes on to talk about how the response of his family was during the 8 months.

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When the Gold trailer first came around, all eyes were set on him, thanks to his impeccable performances over the recent years. Interstellar, True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club saw him etch his name on the Oscar winners list. Dallas Buyers Club saw him lose 38 pounds to play a HIV patient and he set exceptional standards of acting too. Perhaps, he’s come a full circle now!

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Family Reaction and Nickname

Matthew McConaughey Diet was a win-win situation for his kids, it seems. The actor says that it was pizza night any night then and the kids miss it now. The same applies for his wife too, turns out. “My wife misses the 217 pounds“, Matthew reveals, “It was fun“.

Once the “fun” part came to an end, the not-quite-fun of getting back to normal size took over. Matthew took a good six months to achieve it and he does it flawlessly. Gold hits the theaters in the last week of January and the critic ratings are positive so far. Not to mention, the Golden Globes nomination for the Best Film Song. Cheers!

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