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Celine Dion: A Difficult Christmas Ahead for the Singer; Know Why!

As year 2016 comes to a close, some march ahead with beautiful memories while others hold onto some painful memories. 2016 hasn’t been very kind to Celine Dion. The singer went through an unimaginable loss and the holiday seasons are adding to the woes.

Celine Dion lost her husband early in the year 2016. The year didn’t start very well for the Dion who is now survived by three children namely René-Charles, 14, and 5-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy. The singer’s husband Rene Angelil passed at 73 after a courageous fight with throat cancer.

Celine Dion: Discovery of 12-year old singer by Rene Angelil

The romance between Celine Dion and Rene Angelil is one that can make way into fairy tales. At a tender age of 12, Dion’s talent receives an audience with Angelil in 1984. Reports suggest that upon hearing Celine singing at an audition, Angelil broke down. He soon took her under his wings and made her tour around the world.

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In 1994, the couple got married in a lavish wedding ceremony. Angelil is a twice-divorcee with three children. Celine Dion’s husband successfully managed her singing career until tragedy struck and he was diagnosed with throat cancer. In 2014, the singer took an indefinite break from singing to take care of her husband.

Singer Deals with Husband’s Loss This Christmas

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With just a few months gone by since Dion’s husband passed away, there is no doubt that it is going to be a difficult Christmas for the family. However, in a recent interview with Page Six, the singer said that she has to stand tall and strong as the family heads to a Christmas season without Rene Angelil.

Celine Dion says, “I cannot just live on like, ‘I lost my husband, my children have no father. I have to stand tall and strong because this is my way of living: Stand tall, be positive, pick your battles, do the best you can and to live for today, not for tomorrow, for today, and know nothing is perfect, not everything you want will happen.”

From having Rene Angelil mortgage his house to produce the singer’s first album to Celine Dion keeping everything aside including her illustrious singing career to be with her husband, the couple has surely set some major relationship goals! Here’s wishing more power and strength to the Titanic singer!

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