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Casey Affleck Versus Bill Cosby: Are White Actors Committing Sexual Assault And Getting Away With It

Casey Affleck made headlines owing to his big win during Oscars 2017. However, it seems like a good number of celebrities and fans are unhappy. Affleck, despite his acting talents, has landed frontpages earlier on, due to sexual harassment allegations made by his colleagues. Though the star slammed these rumors as false, many think that Affleck is using his “White privilege” to dodge these serious claims.

Casey Affleck vs Bill Cosby: On Sexual Assault Allegations

Last year, veteran actor Bill Cosby made headlines when sexual assault charges from different women surfaced. The same can be said for Affleck. However, Affleck seems to have gotten off the hook much quicker. When news of Cosby’s alleged sexual abuse surfaced, this sparked massive outrage both from fans and celebrities, which quickly affected the actor’s reputation.

Several reports revealed that Affleck allegedly sexually assaulted colleagues. Though it has not been proven, the idea of giving a suspected sexual offender such a huge award has boggled the minds of many. In fact, Huffington Post notes that seven years had already passed, since movie producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magalena Gorka filed sexual assault charges against Affleck. The cases have not been given a verdict, and it seems like Affleck’s big Oscars win is just society’s way of normalizing sexual abuse.

Throughout Hollywood’s biggest night, no one even mentioned anything about Affleck’s alleged misdeeds. This is in contrast to the time host Jimmy Kimmel “made sure to needle Mel Gibson and took jab after jab at President Donald Trump.”

Casey Affleck Getting Away With Sexual Abuse Claims?

After a mediation, Affleck eventually settled with both women for an undisclosed amount. Around this time, he also quietly separated from his wife of ten years, Summer Phoenix. The case against him in a court of law is over, but the public is still angry. For years, he did not admit nor deny, and he just went on to act in many films that moviegoers paid for.

Though many publications have shed light about his “dark past”, Affleck’s recent Best Actor victory was an insult to most. Besides, many are still angry about Denzel Washington losing to him. All these seem to imply Affleck got a free pass because he is White, slipping mentions of these sexual abuse claims.

While the Oscars mainly focuses on an actor’s skills, Hollywood and movie fans alike are doing what they can to turn anything Casey Affleck-related down. At last night’s ceremony, actress Brie Larson seemed very uninterested when she announced Affleck as the winner. She even didn’t clap and fans noticed her unenthused state when Affleck received his award.

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