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Casey Affleck Best Actor Award: People Think The Oscars Normalized Sexual Assault

After Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Award in the recently concluded Oscars 2017, speculations are rife about the actor’s “dark past” that makes his victor a sad albeit painful truth all women must live with. Rumors are making rounds that despite his recognizable surname, the actor has been linked to sexual assault allegations. The reaction of the crowd at the Oscars were enough to show support for one another against Affleck.

Casey Affleck Slammed By Colleagues For Alleged Sexual Assault

In a long piece from The Daily Beast, Ben Affleck’s younger brother was slammed with sexual assault allegations. According to the report, the 41-year-old actor was once sued by two of his colleagues for allegedly sexually harassing them on the set of I’m Still Here, the mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix.

Producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka filed charges against Affleck and Flemmy Productions “with separate claims of predatory behavior.”

Affleck, who was then married to Phoenix’s sister, was accused of demanding another member to expose his penis. In addition, Affleck also “repeatedly referred to women as ‘cows’ and discussed his sexual exploits that he allegedly ‘witnessed.'”

While the crew was also in Costa Rica, Affleck allegedly locked White out of her own room while he and Phoenix engaged in “sexual activity” with two other women. White further claimed that filming of these distasteful activities happened, where Affleck only ordered it for “his own personal gratification.”

Meanwhile, Gorka revealed that Affleck always spewed out lewd comments on a daily basis. She also mentioned how Affleck kept suggesting that she sleep with her camera assistant, Antony Langdon, who was one of Affleck’s good friends. Gorka also divulged that while the crew was lodged in Affleck’s apartment in New York, there was one night where the actor snuck up and curled next to her in the middle of the night.

Casey Affleck Best Actor Win Snubs These Sexual Charges

Mashable reports that both cases sought more than $2 million each, which were then characterized as “extortion attempts,” as Affleck’s lawyer claims. The actor even declined to speak with the outlet about these allegations, which continue to make headlines.

Casey Affleck’s recent Best Actor win at the Oscars 2017 sparked outage among many. Actress Brie Larson, who played a rape survivor in the film Room, did not applaud when Affleck won. Social media is abuzz with news about Affleck’s controversial win. To date, the actor has declined to comment about the issue.

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