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Can Suri Cruise Still Reunite With Scientologist Father Tom Cruise

How true is it that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen daughter Suri Cruise in years? This is reportedly because of his affiliation with the Church of Scientology. Several reports have been coming out that the 54-year-old actor alienated his 10-year-old daughter because of her closeness to mother, Katie Holmes.

Cruise’s dedication to Scientology and his him being a high official in the Church caused him to lose communication with Suri for years. Reports said that the actor hasn’t seen his daughter since his divorce from Holmes in 2012. That is, except for an outing at Disneyland shortly after they broke up.

Suri Cruise is labeled as a “suppressive person”

Although Suri Cruise is not a “suppressive person” under the Scientology guidelines, her closeness with her mother, Katie, made her off-limits to the actor. A “suppressive person” is one who dares to defect from the Church or speak out against it. A former member of Scientology told the National Enquirer, as quoted by Nicki Swift, that the Church may think Holmes and her family are speaking against its teachings.

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Because of this, and by association, Suri would also be considered as a “suppressive person.” Therefore, Cruise would be violating Church guidelines if he will maintain a relationship with his 10-year-old daughter. Leah Remini, a former member of Scientology and who’s become a vocal critic of the Church, said that members are not allowed to connect with someone who committed a suppressive act.

It has been widely believed that one of the reasons why Holmes’ and Cruise’s marriage broke down was because of his obsession with Scientology. Holmes apparently didn’t want Suri to grow up in the Church of Scientology.

Cruise is now making it work with Suri

While there are reports that the actor hasn’t been reaching out to his daughter, rumor has it that Cruise finally reached out to her again in the summer of 2016. After three years, Cruise finally saw his daughter again when he had her brought to England to spend his 54th birthday with him.

Apparently, Cruise is spending a lot of time in England these days because he’s dating an unnamed British woman. He reportedly met this woman while he was filming The Mummy. The trip was very secretive, and he even asked his sister, Lee Anne DeVette, to help make it happen.

Suri Cruise spent five days with Cruise in England, where she was accompanied by her security and her nanny. Holmes was not present.

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