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Camila Cabello Reveals Taylor Swift Is Her Go-To For Love Advice

It couldn’t have been anyone else, could it? Perhaps, Camila Cabello knows best. Who is possibly better than Taylor Swift to give relationship advice, anyway!

Camila Cabello – a pop queen in the making – will grace the cover of upcoming edition of the Latina magazine. So far, so good, then she opens up about her Taylor Swift connection. That’s when you know how close Camila is to seal a permanent spot in the pop realm. Moreover, the Cuban-American singer is tad too candid about rubbing shoulders with Taylor. Yes, we are talking ‘no-do-not-text-him-back’ relationship between the two. Who would have thought!

Latina Magazine Cover – Camila Cabello

The 20-year-old singer had a photo session with the Latina magazine earlier when she sat down for a chat. Firstly, she took to address the elephant in the room – her departure from Fifth Harmony. The pop group took the pop universe by surprise when Camila was just 15, however she pulled out last year. “I needed to follow my heart and artistic vision,” she says, citing the reason for her departure.

Camila isn’t keen on fitting into the conventional pop bill, but pursue her artistic vision to the fullest. Also, she made ‘sexualization’ allegations in the wake of her departure from Fifth Harmony. Perhaps, substance over style is Camila’s way of doing things. Regardless, she has found a mentor and a friend in Taylor Swift – something – Camila is proud to talk about.

Turns out, Camila confides her love life with Taylor and seeks advice at times. Taylor, for her part, has had more than a few publicized relationships that makes her an expert on the subject. On a serious note, Camila has drawn a great deal of musical influence from Taylor Swift. Sometimes, they’re discussing music, some other times they’re just being girls, she says, “talking about stupid crushes”.

Camila Cabello – Coming Up

Ever since she made her way into the music scene, Camila has constantly worked on her music. It’s not hard to see how she has improved over time with her song-writing ability and even singing for that matter. Besides, she’s sporadically giving live performances too. One such performance being the recent Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards set. Needless to say, her career is treading uphill.

She’s collaborating with big names from the industry in the form of Machine Gun Kelly, J. Balvin and Pitbull among others. At 20, Camila is already an advocate of peace and voices her concerns towards contemporary issues. Furthermore, an immigrant herself, she never had it easy all the way. She chooses to remain humble about her achievements and keeps her personal life guarded. Thereby, making a statement – aberrant and noteworthy.

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