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BOYS24 Hwayoung: Young Idol Claims KPop Fans Disgust Him

BOYS24 Hwayoung is making headlines with his “poor” attitude. An audio file where Hwayoung trash-talked fans was leaked online. The file attracted massive controversy and fans expressed their outrage over the rookie’s attitude.

BOYS24 is a pre-debut boy group formed by CJ E&M thru a survival show of the same name in 2016. Prior to their formation, the group was called the “male version of Produce 101”. BOYS24 currently has 24 members and will promote everyday for one year. After the promotions, each members’ performances will be evaluated. Only a few will be selected to become a part of a permanent boy band.

BOYS24 Hwayoung: “Their breath smells like sh*t”

In the leaked audio, Hwayoung described his struggles during hi-touch events as well as his hatred on fans calling him “oppa”. While the first statement is harmless, the rookie went on to attack KPop fans.

“I like being called oppa but not from the fans. It sucks, really. The hi-touch event is also annoying. You know, the hi-touch event where you greet fans and hold their hands? F*ck, I do it with 700-800 fans everyday and I feel like puking already. Also, their breath smells like sh*t,” Hwayoung said.

As of the moment, no one is sure about who recorded and leaked the audio. It is still unknown whether what Hwayoung said was scripted or not.

So far, BOYS24 Hwayoung is receiving plenty of backlash from netizens. Many called him off for his attitude while some thought he should be kicked out of BOYS24.

“Fans are the backbone of every idol group. If he can’t stand fans then he should have a different job or something,” one fan commented.

An Apology From CJ E&M

Following the intense criticism on BOYS24 Hwayoung, CJ E&M immediately issued an apology to the fans. The company apologized to the fans and everybody who got to hear the audio. The statement also contained that CJ E&M already know about Hwayoung’s privacy issues and they’re worried that it will damage BOYS24’s reputation. CJ E&M also added that they will discuss about Hwayoung and his issue.

“Hwayoung has brought grief to the fans and made them feel very disappointed. We understand the gravity of the situation and have conducted an emergency meeting about this. However, discussions about Hwayoung and his controversy are still in progress. We will give our official position on the issue next week,” CJ E&M said.

In addition to that, the company said that Hwayoung will not be present on BOYS24 Live Concert on Feb. 10. “We sincerely apologize to those who believed and supported BOYS24,” the company concluded their statement.

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