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BoA and Joo Won Relationship Will Surely Face This Biggest Challenge As A Couple

Queen of KPop BoA and Joo Won relationship rumors confirmed! Relationship reports of the two artists surfaced back in late 2016. Joo Won’s agency, Huayi Brothers confirmed their relationship by saying, “Joo Won is in a relationship with BoA. We did not check in-depth with Joo Won since it is a personal matter, but we will confirm it.” Meanwhile, BoA’s SM Entertainment remained close-lipped about the issue.

BoA and Joo Won Relationship Amidst Busy Schedule

While we know BoA is popular internationally, but her acting career in Korea is a new one compared to Joo Won’s. BoA focuses on her acting career at the moment but fans expect a comeback from her later this year. SM Entertainment already confirmed the existence of an upcoming mini album, and it is already in the works.

Joo Won, however, will star in the upcoming TV adaptation of My Sassy Girl. The romantic comedy series will start airing this May. Joo Won starred in several projects like Good Doctor, Yong-Pal, King of Baking and Kim Takgu. After his current project, Joo Won will enlist in the compulsory military duty in South Korea.

The Couple’s Relationship Is An Active One

BoA and Joo Won were said to share similar hobbies like golf and hiking. They both like to remain active in order to maintain their good health. According to Koreaboo, the couple acts sweetly to each other. It could be that their relationship started blooming through their encounters with each other and is tightened by their hobbies and the moments they shared with each other.

Military Enlistment – How Will It Affect Their Relationship?

Hoping that BoA and Joo Won’s relationship will last through their respective busy schedule, we worry about whether they will make it through Joo Won’s military enlistment. Now that we know they spend their time together actively on their hobbies, absence of the other party could be a hindrance in their relationship. But as the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, we hope that such will be the case for BoA and Joo Won.

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