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Blac Chyna Baby: Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Kardashian Baby

The present-day pop culture is an enigmatic one. Among all things enigmatic, Blac Chyna baby is the latest one.

First things first, Dream Renee Kardashian is an adorable baby. Furthermore, she is 1-month-old and her Instagram account has a whopping 800,000 followers. Go figure. Under the circumstances, it’s safe to say that Blac Chyna baby is taking the internet by storm. The mother posts the picture of the cutie pie along with her age on a grey block lying next to her. She doesn’t quite get the grammar right, however.

Blac Chyna Baby: Picture

As cute as the picture was, fans couldn’t digest the ‘1 MONTHS’ sign. Fans left comment like ‘MONTHS LOL’, ‘Did you go to school?’ and subtly, ‘1 is singular; baby is precious’! Some fans, however, took no exception for it and congratulations were in abundance. The former stripper’s resolute post-baby diet plan is taking its toll on her, perhaps.

This didn’t stop with Dream’s Instagram account too. The baby’s grandmother, Kris Jenner, didn’t waste time to post a replica from her account. The catch here is perhaps the relationship between Chyna and Kris. Kardashian girls and Chyna are in a behind-the-curtains spat with the ‘Kardashian’ trademark.

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Kardashian girls are no game to Chyna’s desire to change her name to Angela Renee Kardashian. With the latter’s impending wedding to Rob Kardashian, she’s trying to trademark ‘Kardashian’ in her name. In contrast to that, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney fear that the name’s reputation and goodwill is at stake if Chyna has her way.

1 month ?

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The Backstory

Blac Chyna and Rob’s baby Dream was born just a month ago. And the couple is likely to marry soon too. Chyna is vehemently trying to get rid of the weight gain and she’s successful so far. While it’s not unusual for the spouse to take Husband’s second name, Kardashian is no ordinary name, of course. Blac Chyna baby, on the other hand, has the name without any resistance.

Important to remember that the Kardashian clan was no party to Rob’s girlfriend choice at the first place. Once the things took a different run and Chyna got pregnant, things got better. In the wake of Chyna’s decision to take the name, things are amiss again. The tussle is at the court now and it’s no big deal. In Kardashians’ world, everything is a win-win situation!

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