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Bill Paxton Dead: The Heart Surgery That Killed Him

Weeks before Bill Paxton dead, he already expressed in emails his fears of what could happen while he’s undergoing surgery. And true enough, those fears were not unfounded. He died unexpectedly on Saturday after suffering a stroke while the doctors were operating on his heart.

Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman said he exchanged emails with Paxton days before his scheduled surgery. Although the 61-year-old actor was “optimistic,” he was also worried about what he was about to go through. Paxton thanked Liman, saying the well-wishes would help him face the ordeal.

Bill Paxton Dead Was Shocking

How optimistic was the actor before the Bill Paxton dead news happened? He was even looking forward to reprising his role in a possible Edge of Tomorrow sequel. He reassured the director: “Don’t worry, Sgt Farell will be ready to report for duty,” referring to his 2014 character in the movie.

Paxton was a familiar face in Hollywood, having starred in Twister, Titanic, Apollo 13, Aliens, Terminator, True Lies, and others. He is mourned by his friends in the industry, particularly those he worked with like Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A report on MailOnline explained the possible complications of a heart surgery. They interviewed Dr. Bryan Whitson at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He said there are a lot of possibilities that a person can suffer a stroke while in the middle of a heart surgery.

There is even a risk for people without any prior complications. The risk is at 2 to 16 percent. The risk increases depending on the operation and the history of the patient.

Paxton’s family did not elaborate on what happened during the surgery. So, we are left to speculate what could have cost the actor’s death.

Complications During Heart Surgery

Dr. Whitson said that most problems during surgery came from the heart-lung machine. When the doctors open you up, they will hook you to a machine to keep the oxygen and blood flowing. However, this can cause breakoffs of fatty deposits that can travel and block the brain.

Patients can also suffer from air bubbles entering the brain. When doctors put the clamps on, there is a risk of air getting into the bloodstream. If an air bubble gets into your brain, this would block the vessel and restrict blood flow.

Another one that can cause Bill Paxton dead is low blood pressure. This means that the patient did not get enough blood supply to the brain.

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