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BIGBANG News: G-Dragon Jokes About Member They Can Ditch; Seungri Opens Up About Idol Academy

BIGBANG news have always kept fans happy! Today, there have been both good and bad ones surrounding the band. For one, band leader G-Dragon dished which member they could ditch. On a more serious note, Seungri also spoke up about why he decided to shut down Idol Academy.

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BIGBANG news: G-Dragon jokingly teases member the band can forget about

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All KPop reports how G-Dragon joked about which BIGBANG member they could likely live without. Last Jan. 4, the boys appeared on MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol. During their entrance riding small car toys on the show’s mini red carpet, G-Dragon introduced one of the band’s members with a little joke. G-Dragon introduced co-member T.O.P. as the “eccentric artist that Big Bang can’t do without.”

Playfully, the MCs then asked, “Then do you have members you can do without?” To which the 28-year-old responded with, “there’s at least one person,” making everyone laugh. At the moment, G-Dragon hasn’t spoken up about the playful remark and fans can only speculate if he was being serious! Knowing how crazy G-Dragon can be, fans need not panic because it was most likely just really a joke.

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BIGBANG news: Seungri opens up about shutting down Idol Academy

In another report from the same publication, member Seungri explained why he decided to put a halt to his Idol Academy business. In the same show, Jung Hyung Don teased how Seungri actually charges so much for his business. However, things took a serious turn when Seungri said that he had to shut down the venture.

“The teachers and students would end up liking each other, and I got calls from parents. That’s why I shut it down,” Seungri said. However, before it was closed down, the popstar revealed how he was not the one personally running the business. Moreover, he acknowledged the hard work put in by his employees when he opened the vocal and dance academy. Even saying how “a lot of idols have come from there.”

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