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BIGBANG Members to Release 2 Music Videos; MADE Album Details; Will 2017 Concert Push Through?

BIGBANG members — Fans of the South Korean boy group, BIGBANG are getting excited with the group’s album release. Reports claim that the group is preparing not one but two music videos. Meanwhile, there are speculations that the group may not be complete for its anniversary concert next year.

BIGBANG members to launch two music videos?

YG Entertainment’s boy group BIGBANG is surely gearing up for its much-awaited comeback. Soompi reports that there are claims that the boy group is filming not one but two music videos. The report goes on to say that the group was previously in Chungcheongbuk Province to shoot a music video.

However, the publication reports that the group is now in Seoul to shoot another music video. The BIGBANG members and their agency remain tight-lipped about this new music video. Moreover, it is reported that BIGBANG’s new track is already in a “state of completion” and their full-length album titled MADE is in its final stages as well.

The source notes that there is still no confirmed release date for the group’s MADE album. Though there are claims that the album will either be released by the end of November or on the first week of December. Apart from the album, the group is also preparing for their 10-year anniversary concert in Seoul.

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Will BIGBANG 2017 concert push through?

Meanwhile, reports that if the concert pushes through next year, there is a possibility that fans of BIGBANG member T.O.P. may be disappointed. This is because the 29-year-old rapper is already set to serve in the military soon. The source notes that T.O.P. has already received “his official acceptance to the Seoul District Police Conscripted Policemen.”

Moreover, the source notes that the BIGBANG member will be in the Special Forces brass band. Choi Seung-hyun, more popularly known as T.O.P., will be training in Choongnam within the next three months. Once completed, he will get four weeks of training before he gets placed in the brass band.

Because of this news, there is a possibility that BIGBANG will only be lacking a group member as reports claim that T.O.P. will enlist himself in the early part of 2017. The group or its management has yet to release any statement with regard to T.O.P.’s enlistment.

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Image: Twitter/ Mwave

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