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Big Boycott Of Grammy Awards 2017: Bieber, Drake, Kanye West To Not Show Up

Grammy Awards is synonymous to awarding the best in the music industry. Over the years, big music artists have been known due to the prestige these awards bring with them. However, Grammy Awards 2017 may not be a starry affair.

Though there is a good line-up of guests for Grammy Awards 2017, many others are choosing to avoid the event. The biggest names in the industry like Justin Bieber, Drake, and Kanye West might be a no show.

Grammy Awards 2017: Why Are Artists Distancing Themselves?

Bieber, Drake, and Kanye are all planning to stay away from Grammy Awards 2017. The three have their own reasons to not attend the music awards. Justin Bieber and Drake feel that the Grammy’s are not relevant to the present times.

One of the recurring issues that the Grammy’s has been facing is its relevance to the present music scene. Frank Ocean, touted to have the best music album of 2016, did not even submit his album for consideration. He thinks the Grammys are a dinosaur that doesn’t represent young, black artists, reports TMZ.

Nominations For This Year

Justin Bieber has been nominated for 4 Grammys while Drake holds 8 nominations. Kanye West also has 8 nominations but he will also not be attending the Grammys. But Kanye has his own reasons for boycotting Grammy Awards 2017.

West has about 21 Grammys to his name till date but he feels every time he is pitted against a white artist, he ends up losing. An insider says, “There’s no real anger, it’s just that a lot of younger singers think the Grammys are out of touch and arguably irrelevant.”

Posted by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Voicing the same concern is Frank Ocean. The rapper has won two awards but he feels the prestige is outdated. He says, “That institution certainly has nostalgic importance. It just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.”

He adds, “I think the infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system and screening system is dated. I’d rather this be my Colin Kaepernick moment for the Grammys than sit there in the audience.”

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Posted by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Though many biggies are going to be MIA, there is a stellar line-up for performances at Grammy Awards 2017. John Legend, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Metallica, Adele and Bruno Mars will be performing at the awards. Popular talk show host James Corden will be hosting the awards night on Feb. 12, 2017.

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