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Better Things Season 2: Fans Want A Release Date Now!

FC just confirmed a good news; we’ll be getting Better Things Season 2 on 2017! Although the release date is still unannounced, it could follow its first season which was aired last September 8. Pamela Adlon, Better Things star, created and produced the show with Louis C.K. with M. Blair Beard and Dave Becky as executive producers. The show is a semi-autobiographical comedy depiction of Pamela’s life.

Better things was about Sam Fox, divorced actress, and mother of three girls. The show portrays the busy modern life of a single mother with brilliant witticisms. The show covers real-life motherhood struggles, gender roles, and the film and TV industries.

Better Things Season 1 was widely accepted

Better Things Season 1 gathered 671,000 viewers on its premier. With an astonishing 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, the comedy series was widely accepted by audience around the world. “Mature single-mom comedy is raw — and refreshingly real.” – according to one reviewer in Rotten Tomatoes.

Better Things’ high acceptance ratings secured its second season, which was announced on September 20, just two episodes from its pilot.

Reality of Grandiose TV and film industry

Better Things is new in its genre where it depicts the ordinary lives of those celebrities who work in the showbiz. Stars are often shown as glamorous individuals with high profile lifestyle yet what the media leaves out is that stars are ordinary people too whose got kids of their own.

This new comedy series brings a refreshing take on mother-daughter relationships. What also excels in Better Things is that it is realistic without being too cheesy or maudlin. Lots of actors and actresses nowadays are divorced and this series shows what comes in between camera and laundry. We don’t really know what to expect yet of Better Things Season 2 but we still welcome all those witty lines and cute mother-daughter scenes.

Even though the next Better Things Season 2 is still more than half a year away, there are other similar series that are female-friendly. Amazon’s Fleabag starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge is sure to bring you laughs from its honest performances and great humor.

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