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The Best KPop Visuals for 2016

Aside from their unique yet colorful concepts and catchy songs, KPop is also known for the artists’ visuals. Image is extremely important for a KPop star. One must be constantly tending to his or her appearance, weight, makeup, and the outfit. The best KPop visuals are the ones who get constantly praised and noted for their appearance. And this year is not short of artists who shone because of their own visuals.

Siwon, T.O.P, Yoona, and Dara already established their ranks in the KPop visual field. But for 2016, take a look at the following artists whose visuals caught the fans’ attention.

3 Best KPop Visuals: Female

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TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE’s only Taiwanese member and youngest captivated KPop fans with her stunning visuals. Tall, slim, and graceful, it is no wonder that Tzuyu has a large fanbase. In addition to her looks, Tzuyu can sing, dance, and has a charming personality that secured her a warm spot in everyone’s hearts. A certain gif that went viral caused a lot of men to fall for Tzuyu, proof that she is an all-in-one package.

AOA’s Hyejeong

Many people think that Seolhyun is the visual of girl group AOA. However, there are those who disagree and say Hyejeong is the face of AOA. Standing at 170 cm, this beauty is known for her sexy presence onstage and charming personality offstage. Although she is one of the underrated members of the group, her dancing skills and looks are definitely worth stanning for!


SISTAR is known as the ‘Queens of Summer’. Their tracks Loving U, Touch My Body, and Shake It have proven their prowess as singers and dancers each time they go onstage and earn the top spots in digital music charts. SISTAR’s eldest member and rapper, Bora, is known for her sex appeal that mixed really well with her bubbly personality. She is athletic and also a great dancer. With that routine, Bora joined the ranks of “KPop’s best legs” along with Girls’ Day Yura and After School UEE.

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3 Best KPop Visuals: Male

Screenshot from the ff videos: BTS - DOPE Jin Fancam VIXX - Chained Up Hongbin Edition Astro Meet and Greet taken from the YouTube channel of Real VIXX and M-Net KPop

Screenshot from the ff videos:
BTS – DOPE Jin Fancam
VIXX – Chained Up Hongbin Edition
Astro Meet and Greet
taken from the YouTube channel of Real VIXX and M-Net KPop

ASTRO’s Eunwoo

Despite being a member of a rookie group, Eunwoo has captured the eyes of KPop fans due to his stunning visuals. His tall frame and baby face had fans go crazy on social media. In addition to that, Eunwoo is also the epitome of beauty and brains. He is among the top three students in his school. He was the school president, and was captain for both the school’s basketball and soccer teams.

BTS’ Jin

The visual of hip-hop boy group BTS shocked the A.R.M.Ys (BTS’ fans) when he suddenly dyed his hair blond for their comeback Blood Sweat & Tears. Despite the sudden change, many fans agreed that blond hair suits Jin. Aside from his visuals, Jin stood out with his vocals and his caring personality, evident when he always looks out for the other members of BTS.

VIXX’ Hongbin

One of the most underrated visuals in KPop is Lee Hongbin of VIXX. Although he is not the most powerful vocalist in the group, Hongbin is known for his versatile voice that can go from a smooth ballad into a deep bass that can make any girl shiver. He is also known for his tall, lean build and the deep dimples that appear whenever he smiles. In addition to that, Hongbin has been starring in dramas such as Glorious Day and Moorim School, proving that he is not just a pretty face.

Do you have any other best KPop visuals in mind?

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