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Best KPop Leaders According to Netizens

In a KPop group, each member has a role that is vital to keep the group together. There’s a leader, the main dancer, main vocalist, and rapper. Every group also has a mood maker, a person who lightens up the group’s overall mood. As more and more idol acts come into the scene, netizens began to pick the best KPop leaders ever.

Being the leader of a KPop group can be tough work. The leader makes sure that all of the members are well-cared for and prepared for their stage. He or she also protects them in times of crisis and controversies. Take a look at the following leaders that netizens voted as the best among the rest.

The Best KPop Leaders Of The Generation

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk

It seems like if someone says best KPop leaders, Super Junior’s Leeteuk automatically comes in mind! For nearly 12 years, Leeteuk has managed to keep the eleven members in line. He remained strong during the lineup changes, when member Kangin was charged with DUI, and whenever the group comes across sasaengs. He is also very caring towards E.L.Fs, Super Junior’s fandom.

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

Although he is not the eldest of the group, it’s clear why the CEO of YG Entertainment chose G-Dragon as the leader. The iconic rapper is known for being a perfectionist during recording sessions and official group work. He composes and produces BIG BANG’s songs and makes sure every member gets a line to sing. He is also well-known for his stylish outfits and incorporates his fashion sense to the rest of the members.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu

The members of INFINITE always tease Sunggyu for being “old”. Despite the cajoling he gets from his members, Sunggyu is known to have a lot of patience and strength reserved for his younger brothers. He teases back in his own way but during performances, Sunggyu’s personality takes a 180 degree change. He commands the members and makes sure their live stage is smooth and polished. No wonder INFINITE still maintains their title as the Kings of Synchronized Dances! He cares for the group so much that he notifies the group’s manager if everyone is too stressed already.

2NE1’s CL

2NE1 may have disbanded last year but CL is, without a doubt, one of the best female KPop leaders. Like G-Dragon, she is not the eldest of the group but that does not hinder her to lead the girls to stardom. Her strong and fierce personality has kept 2NE1 in line, even when member Bom was involved in a drug scandal. Offstage, she is a loving girl who makes sure her members are taken care of. She once saved member Dara when the latter was trapped in a hotel during an earthquake!

SNSD’s Taeyeon

Cute, bubbly, and slightly childish, no one would mistake Taeyeon for being the leader of legendary girl group SNSD! She may act like the youngest of the group sometimes but she can still keep the members in line. She always maintains a strong personality in front of her members despite the pressure and burden of the role. Even though she also faced controversies herself, Taeyeon still kept her head high and led SNSD to the best of her abilities.

BEAST’s Doojoon

Doojoon is known as the original “Boyfriend-dol”. Tall, handsome, and charismatic, it’s no wonder BEAST’s leader has one of the most number of fans among the group. He is a good role model to the members and takes on a fatherly role towards them. Doojoon is also known to take all of the work himself just so his members can have enough sleep before a major promotion or concert!

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What It Means To Be A Leader

Being the leader of a KPop group, or any group for that matter, is no easy task. Even though there are idol acts who claim they don’t have leaders to promote equality, one can say that a group can’t fully function without someone leading them. These leaders earned the title, best KPop leaders, because of their ability to steer their group to success while maintaining a caring aura for their members.

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