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Ben Affleck Is Struggling With Life After Jennifer Garner Divorce

On Friday, reports of Jennifer Garner finally filing for divorce from Ben Affleck surfaced in several entertainment news. This prompted many to wonder how the actor is doing and how his breakup with Garner affected his acting projects since it was announced.

Ben Affleck: On The Road To Divorce

Things haven’t been going exceptionally well for Ben Affleck. He and Garner have been married for almost 10 years after announcing to the public last 2015 that they were filing for divorce. Although they still live together along with their children, it seems like it’s all coming to an end probably soon.

In addition, the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was hit with negative reviews even if Affleck’s performance as Batman was praised. Affleck was also seen looking upset during an interview with Henry Cavill, prompting several memes online known as Sad Affleck.

That wasn’t the only case of Affleck looking devastated. At the London premiere of “Suicide Squad”, Affleck was seen looking unkempt after what was probably the morning after a night of partying.

Affleck’s “Live by Night” didn’t go so well either according to Variety. The movie left Warner Bros. with an estimated $ 75 million loss. Warner Bros. probably banked on the movie being a hit as it did with “Argo” which won Affleck an Oscar in 2013 for Best Picture.

His brother Casey seems to have the luck though. He recently won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama at the Golden Globes. However, the public noted that he didn’t thank his brother in his acceptance speech.

Batman No More

As if things can’t get any more upsetting, rumors are also spreading that Affleck doesn’t want to be Batman anymore. According to sources, Affleck is attempting to “get out” of the part and wants to quit.

This could be just mere talks and hold no truth in them. But it is obvious enough that Affleck really is having a hard time these days added with his divorce looming on the horizon and projects going down the dumps.

What do you think? Will he really give up his role as Batman? Will Garner and Ben Affleck push through with the divorce? Share us your thoughts.

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