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Bella Thorne Nudes: Actress Threatened With Naked Photos Leak

Someone is threatening to release the nude photos of former Disney star Bella Thorne. This was just after photos of her ex Gregg Sulkin and a supposedly masturbating video of Tyler Posey were posted on the internet.

Thorne backed up Sulkin on his photos, tweeting directly to @comproimse that she’s sure the photos aren’t of her ex-boyfriend’s penis. She, however, remained mum about the very graphic video of a man (supposedly Posey) pleasuring himself. Posey is another one of Thorne’s exes.

Bella Thorne has nude pictures as well?

Somehow, Twitter user @comproimse is not contented with just exposing photos and videos of the actress’ ex-boyfriend. She also called on Bella Thorne to DM her or she will be posting naked photos of the actress as well. Does it mean there are nude photos of Thorne somewhere out there?

Bella ThornePing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Bella Thorne

It isn’t clear how the Twitter user got hold of these photos and naughty videos. Did Thorne lose her phone and somehow, the content made it to this @comproimse person? Are these all one big publicity stunt?

What does this Twitter user wants from Thorne anyway? The actress did not reply to the tweet threatening to expose her nude photos. She posted a series of tweets, though, about how some people are quick to bully celebrities who are doing “normal” things.

Bella and Gregg are still friends

Even though they have broken up last August after dating for a year, Thorne said she and Sulkin are still friends. That is probably the reason why she rushed to his aid when the photos of his supposed private parts were made public.

Throughout their relationship, the actress updated her Instagram with photos of them on bed. It’s not a mystery how she knew what her ex-boyfriend’s private parts look like, right? But it’s still sweet of the actress to somehow put herself on the bullies’ way again to help an ex.

Bella Thorne has sure mastered the art of remaining friends with her ex. She earlier said that she wants to stand up for people who are being bullied because it “irks” her to the core.

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