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Beauty and the Beast: Ariana and Legend’s Real Rival Is Not Celine Dion’s Version

It’s official. Ariana Grande and John Legend, two of the most powerful singers today, will sing a new version of the song Beauty and the Beast. The pop singer Ariana posted a picture of herself on Instagram in the midst of a recording session. John Legend then posted a photo of himself and then tagged Ariana Grande.

Celine Dion Version Will Be Hard To Top Off

The original version of the song sung my Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson will be a tough act to follow, the new generation duo shows huge potential. The original version won two Grammys, a Golden Globe and one Oscars for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture.

Ariana Grande and John Legend’s voice ranges will surely hit the notes for the song. We hope, however, that instead of just recreating the song, they will twist the new version that everyone will surely love. We know Disney likes to make a pop version of their movie soundtracks like Let It Go by Demi Lovato.

Beauty And The Beast Ballroom Version With Mrs. Potts

In the animation movie, Mrs. Potts played by Angela Lansbury, sang Beauty and The Beast. The pop version of Reflection, the movie’s soundtrack of Mulan, garnered more applause than the cinema version. Frozen’s Let it Go, however, was more popular in Idina Menzel’s version than that of Demi Lovato’s.

No announcement yet as to whether Emma Thompson, who will play Mrs. Potts in the 2017 live -action film, will sing the ballroom version. We assume that the film will do so in order to not deviate from the original Disney animated film.

Belle’s Dress, Lackluster Compared To Cinderella’s

As a kid growing up with the Disney princesses, Belle was my favorite because of her strong personality. Everyone considered her a lunatic but she simply possessed the mind of an intelligent and independent woman. And to top it off, her iconic yellow dress beat Aurora’s and even Cinderella’s dress designs.

When the trailer released the promotional poster of the live-action film, I couldn’t help but frown at Belle’s anticlimactic dress. Gone were the off-shoulders and the long pair of gloves that hugged Belle’s arms. In an interview, Emma Watson revealed that she gave opinions about Belle’s costume as she

In an interview, Emma Watson revealed that she gave opinions about Belle’s costume as she sees fit to the character. She said that Belle must wear boots and not pumps for easier mobility. She also said that Belle’s dress must be comfortable as she cares less about the appearance.

With these, we can’t help but compare Cinderella’s blue dress made of 207 yards of fabric and more than 3 miles of hem. Cinderella’s live adaptation may not have high acceptance among its worldwide audience, but it took our breaths away with the meticulous details etched in the film.

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