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BEAST New Label: Goodbye Cube Ent, Hello Around US Ent!

Boy group BEAST is reportedly leaving their former agency to establish a new one. On Dec. 15, Around US Entertainment was announced as the BEAST new label. It was also confirmed that BEAST will officially start their activities under their new label as soon as possible.

BEAST debuted in October 2009. The group is known for their singles FictionGood Luck, and 12:30, with the members contributing to the song composition and album production. Their most recent comeback was Ribbon, which was released on July 4. BEAST originally had six members until Jang Hyun-seung departed in April 2016.

BEAST New Label: A New Chapter

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Around US Entertainment also made an announcement that the agency will be the new label of BEAST. According to the statement, the agency will begin a fresh start next year for the group and hoped that the fans will support BEAST.

Around US Entertainment also thanked Cube Entertainment for raising BEAST in the past seven years. “We extend our most sincere gratitude to CEO Hong Seung Sung and the employees of Cube Entertainment. Thanks to them, BEAST was created and grew into the artists that fans knew of them today.”

The statement also included why the agency’s name is ‘Around US’. The explanation cited that the name symbolizes the attempt to create quality music and content that everyone can enjoy. The lengthy message was capped with hope that BEAST will do well with Around US Entertainment from now on.

“Please look after us as our label and artists make their journey together in the industry. We thank those who gave us their never-ending trust, support and love, especially for BEAST. We will always hope for your happiness and good health.”

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Cube Entertainment’s Side

After the BEAST new label news was released, Cube Entertainment responded with their concerns over the trademark. According to a representative from Cube, the agency needs to discuss with Around US Entertainment over BEAST’s trademark.

In response, Around US Entertainment agreed to Cube’s move that the trademark must be discussed between the artists and former agency. The date of discussion is yet to be revealed.

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