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Barron Trump: What Happens Now That He’s The ‘First Boy’

Move over, Malia and Sasha, there’s a new kid in town. After seeing the Obama girls grow up to be young respectable women, we will not be witnessing Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s youngest heir. He’s also the White House’s “first boy,” seeing as big brother Donald Jr. is the “first son.”

Isn’t it a bit interesting to know how a billionaire 10-year-old lives like? It’s really kind of like watching Richie Rich (Macaulay Culkin), except this one’s in real life.

Barron Trump to stay in NYC for now

Since Barron Trump is enrolled in the prestigious Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan, he would have to stay in New York until the end of the school year. His mother, Melania Trump, also flew to New York to focus on her only son with the President.

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It’s believed that Baron will most likely join his father at the White House after his semester with Columbia ends. His siblings, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Tiffany, are just close by to lend their support to their father.

While he’s in New York, he will be staying at the Trump Tower in Manhattan where he has a floor all to himself. He may also visit his maternal grandparents from time to time since they are staying in New York, too.

Barron Trump is bilingual

His mother, Melania, can speak five languages. Is it a surprise that Barron is already starting to stack up on his languages? He now speaks Slovenian with his mother and English, of course, with everyone else.

This will come in handy for all those White House functions he would soon grace. Since it’s clear that his father will seek a second term, we might just see Barron grow up to his teens while in DC.

There is no news yet about what school his parents have chosen for him while they stay in Washington. He may attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends School, the same one attended by Malia and Sasha Obama.

Barron Trump is the “Little Donald”

His mother calls him that because he’s very much like his father in demeanor. At one time, Melania shared that Barron fired their household helpers (they rehired them, of course). He takes after his father, and even wears suits like him.

Barron Trump, perhaps, is the closest to the President. He’s often seen golfing with the President during the latter’s free time.

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