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Bae Suzy: Star Reveals Dating Habits With Lee Min Ho

The youngest member of miss A, Bae Suzy, finally has a reality show of her own. The show, Off The REC. Suzy, lets fans see what Suzy does from morning until evening. The show’s first episode aired on Jan. 15, giving fans a glimpse on how the singer-actress lives her life as an idol and as an ordinary person.

Bae Su Ji, better known by the mononym Suzy, was 15 years old when she joined miss A in 2010. Her acting career began when she starred in Dream High with actor Kim Soo Hyun and IU.

After Dream High, Suzy began to take on other acting roles and earned multiple awards as an actress. Because of her popularity, Suzy became the CF Queen of South Korea in 2012. And in 2015, Suzy began a relationship with Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho.

How Bae Suzy Lives Her Life

Off The REC. Suzy follows the life of Bae Suzy on and off camera. In one of the teasers, Suzy drinks soju and reveals she can drink one and a half bottles of the alcoholic drink. She also revealed that playing pool and going to karaokes are her main stress relievers. She also takes naps in between schedule breaks.

The attention of producers were caught when Suzy was hiding her phone from the camera while saying “It’s disturbing”. One producer asked if there were racy photos in her phone. Flustered, Suzy explained that there were sweet yet embarrassing pictures in her gallery, hinting that these photos were of her and Lee Min Ho.

Suzy: “We only date once a month…”

After Suzy revealed the truth about the pictures, the producers asked, “How often do you two go on dates?” The producer may not have mentioned the name, but it was clear that they meant Suzy’s boyfriend, Lee Min Ho. The singer-actress answered, “Once a month…”

This is not surprising, since Suzy and Min Ho are one of the top celebrities in South Korea today. Both have hectic schedules, so it’s not shocking that the two rarely have time for each other. During the shoot of Off The REC. Suzy, Suzy stayed up as late as 4 am just to finish her day’s schedules. But the viewers can see that as she gets ready for bed, she is on her phone, texting someone with a smile on her face.

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