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Bae Suzy New Reality Show – Could Lee Min Ho Show Up

Bae Suzy, a popular South Korean actress, mostly makes headlines because of her relationship with Lee Min Ho. What could add more fuel to the fire is a reality show that will feature the real life of the actress. Off the REC. Suzy will be the name of the reality show.

Bae Suzy’s relationship with Lee Min Ho has been the talk of the town for some time. There were even speculations about their marriage. It is believed that the actress/singer is going to be busy with her solo album and that is putting the marriage on hold.

Bae Suzy: What Will The Reality Show Have?

Off the REC. Suzy reality show is going to be directed by Choi Jae Yoon. The show will give the actress’ fans a peek into her private life. Bae Suzy herself approached the director with the idea of making a show around her real life.

Choi Jae Yoon has previously done a similar format with Lee Hyori. Off the REC. Hyori went on air in 2008, reports Soompi. The director was more than happy to create a show around popular actress Suzy. He says, “I thought it would be interesting to unveil the real ‘Bae Suzy’ behind the celebrity Suzy.”

Suzy’s Solo Album Debut

Suzy’s solo album is also drawing a lot of interest. The album is set to release on Jan. 24. However, an early gift is awaiting her fans as she releases “Pretending To Be Happy” track on Jan. 17. Some teasers have already made it to YouTube. The album is titled “Yes?No?”

The teaser videos show some shots of Bae Suzy in an indoor setting. With the album to be out soon and the reality show coming in, the miss A’s actress is going to be in the headlines for some time now.

Image Source: Facebook/JYP Suzy

Image Source: Facebook/JYP Suzy

The actress has been receiving a lot of hate from online community who are dissing her for dating Lee Min Ho. Most fans of Lee Min Ho want to see him with Park Shin Hye. Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy went public about their dating status in 2015.

Bae’s agency JYP Entertainment said: “Suzy and Lee Minho have been seeing each other with good feelings since a month ago. Suzy and Lee Minho headed to London and Paris respectively for a schedule and after (traveling to) London together, (they) had a very memorable time. Please look on them with fondness.”

Bae Suzy reality show Off the REC. Suzy will be a tell-all tale about the actress’ life including dates with her friends, her worries as a woman, her life without the superstar tag. All eyes await to see if Lee Min Ho shows up in this show.

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