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Bachelor Villain Corinne Olympios Vows To Put Family First After Almost Losing Grandparents

When it comes to Bachelor villain Corinne Olympios, there are only two possible emotions: you either love or hate her. But as she revealed via an Instagram post that her fraternal grandparents recently met with an car accident, we cannot help but feel bad for her. No one deserves to go through a family tragedy.

She posted a photo of herself with a headscarf while at Israel’s famous Western Wall. She said in the caption that she always wishes for good “to come to others first before asking and wishing on myself.” The “health, wealth, and happiness” of her family and close friends are things she never leave out.

Bachelor Villain Corinne Olympios Is Putting Family First

Say what you want to say about her, but Bachelor villain Corinne Olympios has her priorities straight. Although her grandparents (she calls them Yiayia and Papou) are alright, she asked her followers to realize what is important “because you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.”

Bachelor Villain Corinne OlympiosPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of Corinne Olympios

According to her post, she came home from a trip to receive bad news that her grandparents were in an accident and they are both in the hospital. “For the first time in my life, I felt my heart stop.” Thankfully, Olympios’ grandparents are going to be okay in a few weeks, but we can imagine the scare she got when she received the call.

Could this be a wake-up call for the 25-year-old troublemaker? Olympios has been getting into a lot of trouble in The Bachelor since Season 21 began. At one point, she removed her top and asked Nick Viall to grab her breasts for a photoshoot.

She even posted a photo of her, teasing the appearance of what looked like an engagement ring on her finger. No one knows for now who Viall chose between her and Vanessa Grimaldi.

Why Is Everyone Hating On Corinne?

There’s really something special when a girl can get in your nerves. Olympios is a spoiled Miami-based business owner who’s born in privilege and constantly complains about her manicure. She even talks a lot about her nanny, Raquel (yes, she has a nanny).

She works in their family business called Armor Garage, which sells epoxy floor coverings for garages. Apart from that, Bachelor villain Corinne Olympios is also active in her modeling and acting career. Her parents are reportedly supportive of her decision to flaunt her body on national TV.

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