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Who Is Ashley Danielson and What Makes Her So Special?

Does the 16 and Pregnant reality show ring a bell? If it does then viewers might remember one of the contestants, Farrah Abraham, whose journey to motherhood was chronicled in the show. Along with her in this journey, her sister Ashley Danielson is also seen as a part of the show.

16 and Pregnant came on air in 2009 and it revealed that Farrah Abraham could easily take on the title of being a little nasty. The show gave her a platform and she went to also be seen in Teen Mom OG. In the mix, one person chose to stay out of the limelight and that was Farrah’s sister, Ashley.

Where did Ashley Danielson disappear?

It was clear from the beginning that Farrah’s shenanigans would not find an audience with Ashley. It was seen that her sister was not much of a drama queen and chose to stay out of the chaos. Hints were dropped that the siblings do not share the warmest of relationships.

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Back in May 2015, when a news publication announced Ashley’s second pregnancy, Farah tweeted back to the story saying she was happy for her sister. She also thanked the media for letting her know about it. It was clear that there is a lot of animosity between the sisters.

Why did Farrah Abraham and Ashley Danielson fight?

Trouble started when Farrah blamed her sister for a DUI offense. When cops stopped the car with both the sisters, Farrah pointed to her sister blaming that she was not ready to “leave the party” and thus she had to down a few drinks to kill time.

Since the episode, it seems Ashley chose to stay away. Though Farrah and her mother Debra are active on Facebook, the other member of the family is not. In an interview, Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra said that her other daughter chooses to stay behind the scene. Debra said, “She requires me to not make her information public. She prefers behind the scenes life. I respect that.”

It looks like Ashley Danielson is quite content with her life minus all the tabloid and camera attention. There are rumors that she chooses to stay away from her sister and mother but is close to her grandmother who raised her.

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