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Angelia Jolie Finally Cries About Brad Pitt Divorce In Public

We learned of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing back in September 2016 but not much of why it happened or how they’re both doing after the announcement. Recently, Jolie opened up about her divorce with Pitt and let fans see that she is not as tough as we think she is.

Angelina Jolie In A “Difficult” Time

In an interview with BBC World News, Angelina Jolie admitted that the split has been a “difficult” time for her and her family. She even teared up while speaking about it during the interview. Nevertheless, she expressed how she didn’t want to say much about it and just that they are a family and will get through it.

Jolie even added that she’s hoping that they’ll become a stronger family after this. This goes to show how Jolie seems to be coping well despite the tears and rumors of her breaking down from the split.

Her Focus At The Moment

Kids. Jolie’s priorities are her kids. Along with the interview, Jolie added that her focus at the moment is her six kids namely Maddox (15), Pax (13), Zahara (11), Shiloh (10) and her youngest twins Vivienne and Knox (8).

Furthermore, Jolie said that after filing for divorce, she and her children and pets have been finding a “normal rhythm”.

Jolie shared in the interview how she’s too busy figuring things out at the moment such as who brushed their teeth and who took the pets out. It’s stuff like this that keeps her busy and pre-occupied. Nevertheless, Jolie thinks it’s “wonderful”.

She was also asked where she saw her life five years from now and she answered how the house would be filled with teenagers by that time. She shared that she would like to travel around and visit her children. Jolie added that she just hopes her kids are happy doing interesting things and that she’ll be supporting them.

It’s inspiring to know that Angelina Jolie wants her children to become “rounded people” by immersing them in what goes on in the world. In her words, Jolie said that she hopes that everything she does represents the right things for her kids so they have the right sense of what they can be capable of someday.

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