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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa: PDA at a Pre-Grammy Gala Had People Confused

Well, this is odd. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are back together – or, so it seems. They don’t seem to have made any sort of official announcement just yet. But locking lips when you’re in public is pretty telling, isn’t it?

Saturday night, the pair – who split back in 2014 – were seen together at Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammy party. They came in holding their hands. Rose, 33, and Wiz, 29, didn’t even shy away from kissing a couple of times, in front of all those cameras at the red carpet. Both the model and the rapper were also all smiles, so it doesn’t seem like they’re hiding anything here.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa – A Timeline

The history of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa goes back to 2011, when the two started seeing each other. It was shortly after Amber Rose had broken up with Kanye West.

That year, Rose made a few choice comments about Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians. It was the start of a number of feuds with the Kardashian family, of which Kanye was now a part. It involved Twitter wars, going on radio shows to send burns and zingers flying, whatever it is that celebrities do when they’re mad at each other. In time, Wiz Khalifa got involved as well, jabbing with Kanye online back and forth.

In 2013, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa would have their first kid – Sebastian. They would get married later in the year, but in 2014 would file for divorce.

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In 2016, Amber Rose would start dating dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. Rose had previously partnered with his brother Maks while participating in Dancing with the Stars. The two seemed to hit their honeymoon period hard, posting a lot of photos on social media with captions doting on each other. Their romance was very brief, however. It only lasted for five months before they broke it off.

Celebrating Divorce?

Perhaps seeing the two get back together won’t be surprising for the fans who have followed the relationship. It had never been the most usual or predictable one in the first place. When the two finally reached a divorce settlement in 2016, they even toasted their divorce by heading to a strip club together.

“Too much fun with my ex hubby last night,” Rose tweeted after o clear things up, “No we didn’t celebrate our divorce, we celebrated our love 4 each other cuz that never goes away.”

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