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Amanda Bynes: Actress Addresses ‘Pregnant And Engaged’ Rumors

Amanda Bynes had to break a long silence and set the record straight in the light of latest rumors about her. Turns out, a Twitter impersonator got the better of her!

Former actress and a child star, Amanda Bynes, keeps a low profile. She went on a hiatus years ago and keeps herself at an arm’s length from Hollywood’s affairs. However, her impersonator on Twitter is busy keeping the 30-year-old actress in the swim of things. The impersonator in question not only made Amanda relevant in the recent times, but also made her superficially pregnant and engaged. Much to Amanda’s dismay, of course. It’s Amanda’s turn now to set the record straight and she does just that!

Amanda Bynes: Impersonator

A Twitter account with a username ‘@persianla27’ is unofficially representing Amanda’s life for a while now. Even to an extent that many reports were in the media citing ‘@persianla27’ as the source! Be it Amanda’s marital life or pregnancy, the said Twitter account seem to know it all. Amanda was vocal about the impersonator for a while, but that certainly didn’t help to curb the account holder’s activities. Until now.

Amanda took to her official verified account earlier to put the truth across the table. “I’m not ‘@persianla27’, neither am I pregnant, nor married”, she clarifies. Additionally, it’s beyond Amanda’s comprehension why Twitter won’t take action against the impersonator. Considering the parody account’s latest tweets, it’s indeed the travesty of Amanda’s actual life. Despite her persistent efforts to take down the account, the impersonator is active, reports E! News.

Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show and All That’s star was a household name in the late 90s and the early 2000s. However, her career saw a decline over the years, finally going AWOL and keeping her activities under wraps. Even her official Twitter account managed by her parents didn’t have any activity since the August of 2016. The recent turn of events forced Amanda to voice her concerns, thanks to some outrageous tweets from the impersonator.

Impersonator’s Tweets

A few days ago, the impersonator tweeted that Amanda is pregnant and that she’s entering a wedlock. The tweet had it that the actress was spending valentine’s day at the gynecologist’s. In another tweet, there’s a subtle accusation made on Amanda’s parents about their controlling nature. Besides, the accusation was that the parents were keeping Amanda from expressing herself.

Amanda Bynes has indeed succeeded in taking down the parody account since Valentine’s. Most of the tweets are under deletion process too. Bynes was attending the Fashion Institute back in 2014 and reportedly, still does. One thing for certain, she is not married and definitely not pregnant!

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