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2NE1 CL: Star Disrespects Japan With Instagram Post; Speaks Up After Disbandment

2NE1 CL is now put under the limelight after a seemingly insensitive post she made on her Instagram account. While the photo has now been deleted, the image showed the K-Pop artist putting her feet up while she was riding a local cab in Japan. This sent fans on a frenzy, saying nasty things like CL had no regard for Japan’s well-kept principles about respect.

On the other hand, others defended the 25-year-old star saying it should have been no big deal. What truly transpired and how is she coping after popular K-Pop group 2NE1 disbanded? Read on to know more.

2NE1 CL Instagram Post Sparks Outrage Among Fans

The former 2NE1 member recently shared an Instagram snap that showed her feet up in a taxi while she was in Japan. Though the photo has since been deleted, some netizens still comment on her previous posts saying it was rude of her to put up her shoes against the taxi divider next to the driver’s head. Comments like “This was so wrong of her,” “Who care if you have money, you have  to be a person first,” and “It looks so impolite,” flooded her page.

All K Pop shared CL’s photo which garnered much negative attention from her followers. To date, CL has not commented about this issue.

CL's Instagram post

Photo courtesy of All K Pop

2NE1 CL Opens Up Life After K-Pop Girl Group Disbandment

In light of 2NE1’s recent disbandment, Soompi reports that CL opened up after keeping silent for a long time. The K-Pop artist said how she will always prepare herself for a possible reunion.

“If we want to sing Fire 20 years later, we’ll have to be fit. As you know, our songs are hard to sing,, and the choreography is hard-hitting. I’ll be ready,” she said.

Talking about her wishes, CL reveals how she wants 2017 to be the year she finally releases her own album. “I would like it if fans weren’t in too much of a hurry and waited for me. I’ll repay everyone with a great album. I’ll do a lot of promotions,” she said.

She even recalls that during her auditions for YG Entertainment, she gave record producer Yang Hyun Suk a demo tape and told him how she wanted to be a pop star in America.

“I was 15. Truthfully, it’s not [debuting in] America that’s important, but I grew up with pop music because of my dad. Pop is what has influenced me the most in my musical career. I fostered my dreams listening to pop music, and I want to do pop music in the U.S.,” she explained.

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