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A Monster Calls Featurette: Felicity Jones Starring Book Adaptation is Perfect Holiday Gift!

“Life is always in the eyes.” The latest A Monster Calls Featurette is a tear-jerker emotional saga for families wanting to spend the holiday season together. According to Felicity Jones, Patrick Ness’s book adaptation is a “visual treat.” It takes the viewer on a spiritual journey through tales of loss, grief, anger, love, and exhilaration — all rolled into one package.

A Monster Calls Featurette: Life is an animated display of emotions!

Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls is a fantasy novel chronicling the life of a 12-year-old. It reveals how a whirlwind of emotions strikes the boy when his mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Felicity Jones plays the mother’s role. It carries a strong message of “hope”.

A Monster Calls Featurette is something every family would love to watch this festive season. Initially, it hardly showed any signs of growing into a cult movie but now the emotions swelled up as critics followed up with the plot.

5 reasons to watch A Monster Calls this Christmas!

1. Sleek animation and cinematography by Oscar Faura

The Spanish cinematographer takes his reputation one step ahead with his sleek ideas in A Monster Calls Featurette compared to his previous works in The Imitation Game and The Impossible. Somehow, Oscar knows how to keep audiences glued to the screen.

2. Best book-to-film adaptation in 2016

A Monster Calls is easily the best book-to-film adaptation as it rests the ghosts of previous book adaptations. It projects emotions with an element of genuineness and ground-breaking animations. Illustrator Jim Kay and director J.A. Bayona make a formidable pair.

3. PG-13 Rating

Yes, that’s a big deal for a movie that has a dark theme as it manages to beat the odds of censorship despite its “nasty” plot stitched around cancer, harrying, and ghosts.

4. Liam Neeson: The Ghost

The tree monster played by Liam Neeson is a powerful character. The Taken star is known for his parenting skills, taking his talismanic persona one notch higher as a “spirited” story-teller. The conversation between Conor O’Malley (played by Lewis MacDougall) is something no parent should miss.

5. Probably an Oscar nominee

The movie is among the top contenders to win a nomination for the Oscar Awards 2017 in the Best Film category. A Monster Calls is by far the best digital art production of the year.  Patrick Ness’s fantasy novel is not just entertaining but also very revolutionary. Don’t miss it!


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