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Shaq JaVale McGee: Feud Ends With Mama Shaq Butting In

It took Shaquille O’Neal’s mother to end the Shaq JaVale McGee feud on Twitter. It seems it’s finally over, at least for now. O’Neal said now that his mother has spoken up, McGee’s name would never come out of his mouth ever again.

In an interview with The Undefeated’s Mike Wise, as quoted in The Mercury News, O’Neal said he had “orders from the top to leave it alone.” Asked if he meant NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, the three-time NBA champion said it was actually his mother, Lucille O’Neal. “So, that’s the end of the beef. You won’t be hearing about it from my side anymore. Mama has spoken.”

Shaq JaVale McGee Started Out Fun

The Shaq JaVale McGee feud actually started out as a fun one. Since 2006, O’Neal has been making fun of McGee on his Shaqtin’ A Fool segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA. O’Neal hosts the show with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley.

Shaq Javale McGeePing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of The Fanatics View

Shaqtin’ A Fool highlights the funny moments in the league. Even superstars like Lebron James and Stephen Curry are not immune from being included in the reel. The show even asks fans to vote a Shaqtin’ MVP every end of the NBA season.

McGee, who made quite a few blunders in the past five years, has always been a staple in the segment. He was named Shaqtin’ MVP a couple of times. But it was a lowlight reel last week that finally triggered McGee, who’s now with the Golden State Warriors, to put a stop to O’Neal’s “cyberbullying.”

McGee joked that O’Neal might be in love with him, and that was the reason why he’s always on his case. O’Neal answered back and called McGee a “bum,” implying that he has no actual important role in GSW. He also threatened him physically.

This led to the Warriors’ front office reaching out to the TNT management. Kevin Durant, McGee’s teammate in GSW, also called on O’Neal. The three-time champion, however, asked Durant to mind his own business.

Mothers Stopped Kids In The Playground

As the feud turns to be a playground fight gone wrong, Pamela McGee, a former WNBA player, said O’Neal was cyberbullying her son. She asked the NBA and the TNT to have him fired or suspended from his job as a broadcaster.

Lucille, O’Neal’s mother, then stepped in for her son. She said the two need “to squash this and move on.” She, however, came in Shaq’s defense, saying Shaqtin’ A Fool was all for good fun and her son didn’t intentionally bully McGee.

Let’s see how long Shaq JaVale McGee can shut up about this feud. It’s such a childish one, anyway.

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