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NBA Uniforms, Jersey Ads: Is This the Future of the NBA?

An NBA uniform or jersey has always been a part of a team’s legacy. Earlier this year, a decision has been made that would change the legacy of the NBA landscape league wise.

By the 2017-18 season, the NBA will be the first major sports league to sport ads on their jerseys. A move spearheaded by NBA commissioner Adam Silver; it aims to gain more revenue for the league, teams, and players as well.

This step forward will not include current NBA athletic provider Adidas in the mix. According to ESPN, the NBA has come to an agreement with athletic shoe and apparel giant Nike for this project.  This experimental project is set to have a three-year period in the league.

Fortunately, we do not have to wait till next season to get a glimpse of the new look Nike jerseys. There have been leaked prototype pictures of the NBA uniforms circulating social media. Sporting News stated that the said jersey, a Philadelphia 76ers prototype, was spotted during a team event.

The new look jersey design might not look exactly as new for some. Most or all of the design elements that are in the current jersey are still there. There might be a material or fabric change here and there.

The most notable change to the jersey so far would be the easily spotted sponsor branding of Nike. A clear swoosh logo on the jersey and shorts made it perfectly clear this was Nike jurisdiction.

Regardless of what the leaked jersey has shown, it would be best not to hate or go gaga over it right now. Nike is one of the leading innovators in athletic apparel, and it would not be a surprise if they surprise us with something under their sleeve

NBA uniforms are part of the identity that the NBA has built. If they are headed into a future with swoosh logos and advertisements on jerseys, best that fans could do is just sit back and brace themselves for the uncertainty of what it holds.

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