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NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant Might Not Stay with Warriors; Free Agent Temptation

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant might not be together in the Golden State Warriors. The upcoming CBA (collective bargaining agreement) could make it difficult for them to hold on to their golden eggs.

In 2017, Warriors will have a number of players in the free agent phase. But Durant and Curry are the ones the team needs to be worried more than the likes of Andre Iguodala. Curry, for the prize catch he is, earns only a paltry $12.1 million this season, and next season he can make up to $29 million.

Sportige reports that Curry is an underpaid player for his stature and that he will bite the monies bait when he becomes a free agent. Kevin Durant has inked a deal worth $26.5 million but is touted to get $33 million next year. So the question is, will Golden State have the coffers for the offers?

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant do not look like saying “No” to a big deal, and might not swear allegiance to Golden State. The CBA rules run for the several years up to 2023-2024. The length of this CBA indicates stability in the league and also a reason for cheer amongst fans.

Fansided reports that during the lockout of 2011, remuneration was a major problem with players. All league players got a major chunk of the Basketball Related Income (BRI), but owners also clamped down on the money and put a finger on the pie. This caused rift, but was eventually decided at a 51-49 ratio.

In the current version of CBA, this ratio remains, and the BRI is used as a reference to calculate how much a player gets. Golden State is hoping that these NBA rumors are not true. They could even convince some of their star players to relinquish some money.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are easily any team’s no-brainer picks. Any team will give no second thought before signing them up, if they can afford them, so Warriors have to deal with this.

Photo source: TonytheTiger via Wikimedia Commons

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