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NBA News 2016: DeMarcus Cousins Is Sought After, But Maybe He Just Wants To Be With John Wall

NBA News 2016 brings you a new scoop about the sought after Demarcus Cousins and his former teammate John Wall. Both players discussed playing together again in NBA, however, both convinced each other to play for their own respective team. Demarcus Cousins and John Wall used to play together for Kentucky.

Wall’s Wizards beat Cousins’ Kings

The talk about the college teammates playing together again came up after Wizards beat the Kings in a 101-95 in overtime. The discussion even mentioned another former teammate now in Phoenix Suns Eric Bledsoe. Wall tries his best to convince both Bledsoe and Cousins to play for Sacramento. He says that hopefully, he will see Cousins in a Sacramento uniform someday.

Both players love their current teams

The former Kentucky college teammates probably won’t be playing together anytime soon. Wall revealed that Cousins love where he’s at and so does he. Wall even added that they are both in teams which they feel could give them their win. He said that what he wanted to do as a player is at Sacramento.

Cousins admitted, however, that he doesn’t know what will happen if he played with Bledsoe and Wall again. All three NBA players were teammates in Kentucky back in 2009-10. They then left NBA Draft where all three players where selected at thev first-round.

Cousins and Wall still tied in contract

NBA News 2016 says that Cousins and Wall are both under a contract with their own team. Cousins, a 6-11 forward/center, still in contract with the Kings through 2017-2018 season. Meanwhile, Wall will remain with Washington until at least the 2018-19 season.

Cousins and Wall both turned 26 just recently and they both reached the same milestone where they are both at their prime. They still need to proof and provide better foundations for their career as they lead their own team.

Cousins and Wall are just like any other former teammates in NBA who dream of one day playing together again with their friends. In fact, both NBA players are constantly texting and in communication with each other. Cousins and Wall’s fans’ dreams of seeing both together will for now, remain a fantasy.

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