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NBA All-Star Voting: Zaza Pachulia Is Proving Why All-Star Voting Is A Joke

When I first heard that NBA league officials decided to decrease the voting power of fans—from 100 percent to merely 50%—in the NBA All-Star voting, I was a little hesitant about what it might mean. While 25% from players is a pretty good deal, the other 25% from “a panel of basketball media” does not sound right.

I understand that players need to have a say about who’s playing in the All-Star games, but the media, really? They already have the power to say who should be the league’s MVP, but I always believed that the All-Star week is for the fans. Well, that can change now…

NBA All-Star voting sees Zaza Pachulia inching closer to the starting five

The first round of the fan-vote All-Star voting returns is just in, and it goes something like this for the Western Conference’s frontcourt: Kevin Durant, Zaza Pachulia, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and Draymond Green. Yes, Pachulia, a native of the Republic of Georgia, garnered almost 100,000 votes more than Leonard, 2014’s Finals MVP, 2015’s and 2016’s Defensive Player of the Year.

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NBA All-Star Voting

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Non StopHoops

He even topped Davis, who’s been single-handedly carrying the New Orleans Pelicans on his average of 28.9 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 2.1 assists on 49% of shooting. While Pachulia is invaluable to the Golden State Warriors, especially after Andrew Bogut’s trade to the Dallas Mavericks, his stats don’t say All-Star that much. At best, the GSW center is averaging 5.2 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists.

Those numbers are clearly not All-Star material, considering the numbers being clocked in by the likes of Jimmy Butler, Kristaps Porzingis, Hassan Whiteside, Marc Gasol, Demarcus Cousins, and Lamarcus Aldridge.

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The game isn’t over just yet

Many believe that the reason why the voting suddenly turned to 50-25-25 (fans, players, and media) was because Pachulia almost made it in the final round of the 2015-2016 NBA All-Star voting. That may be true, but the fans are not backing down.

All over the internet, GSW fans and NBA fans in Georgia are keeping the hopes alive to see Pachulia in the All-Star week. Not if non-GSW NBA fans can help it, though. Many of NBA fans on Twitter called the NBA All-Star voting a “joke,” and Pachulia’s ranking as a product of “GSW bandwagon.”

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