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Los Angeles Lakers Youth Squad Can Slay Giants, Can They Make Playoffs?

The Los Angeles Lakers roster might be one of the youngest in the league right now. The quartet of young talents in Russell, Clarkson, Randle, and Ingram have led the way to a 6-5 start this season.

For this season, it would be easy to make a case for each team with the question: Who is the most surprising team early this season? But based on predictions made, nothing should be more surprising than where the Lakers are.

People were expecting growing pains from this young team, but if the playoffs started right now they would be holding on to the eighth seed. It might be too bold to consider for 10 games in.

Not to declare the Los Angeles Lakers as playoff contenders already, but not bad for a group of young studs and stable veterans to keep everything early on together.

Their inspired performances clearly have Head Coach Luke Walton’s number on them. They are just going to get better as they get to know more of each other as the season progresses.

Their wins against a stacked Warrior team, a confident Harden-led Rockets, and a disciplined Hawks troupe are not to be overlooked, but their beat downs from the Thunder, Jazz, and Wolves are something to take note as well.

The top seven teams right now in the Western Conference have a good probability to be a lock for this year’s playoffs. With the Memphis Grizzlies the only legitimate threat once they get things together, the 8th seed is really up for grabs.

Do not sleep on the young Lakers. With the way that they are playing, with their potential to play even better, it would not be surprising to see them grab that 8th spot this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a proud historic franchise. For the direction that they are headed, it may be just a matter of time till they get back to their former glory.

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