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LeBron James Snubs Undertaker: Did the NBA Superstar Intentionally Ditch the WWE Legend?

LeBron James is a transcendent, once in a generation NBA talent who might be one of the most decorated players in history, with championships, MVPs, and other awards under his belt. Despite being on a basketball planet of his own, he is not one to shy away from expressing the wrestling fan in him.

During last season’s NBA Finals practice, James was spotted sporting an iconic WWE shirt with the Undertaker design on it. It was a subtle statement of his fandom.

If you think that happened to be mere happenstance, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson is one WWE Championship Belt short by giving one to James on one of his birthdays.

According to Fox Sports, most of the Cavaliers are huge wrestling fans. The degree is not exactly documented, but definitely big enough for the Cleveland Cavaliers to go out of their way and get The Undertaker in full costume as their guest.

As Cavaliers players like Kevin Love welcomed the surprise visit by the Dead Man, there was one NBA superstar that the WWE Legend was really looking forward to. It was LeBron James.

What was supposed to be an epic meeting of Legends, turned out to be a no-show as the night went on. James was a no-show for The Undertaker.

Based on the shirt and some wrestling references on his social media he must be a fan, right? stated that if you do not have an appointment with the King, chances are close to none if you would like to meet him.

The Undertaker and his entourage being there was a PR stunt for the WWE. With Him and James on the same frame, that would have been one of the greatest headlines in sports entertainment. But unfortunately, James is not exactly a fan of people who try to exploit his fame with getting something.

LeBron James might just have made the realest statement with The Undertaker incident. It does not matter who the visitor is, but they should make an appointment first.

Photo Source: Keith Allison via Flickr

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