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LeBron James Gets Doused in Water by Teammates for Reaching 27k Career Points

LeBron James was doused with water – not that he was on fire, but he was playing like fire. Having reached 27,000 career points, and the youngest to do so, he is the hottest player in town.

He was setup none other than his teammate and compatriot in crime – Kyrie Irving. What was their crime – they put Wizards in the freezer with a 105-94 win. The water dousing has become a part of Cavs culture and was previously executed on Tyronn Lue reports

Lue’s dousing ceremony was a celebration as a rookie coach with the most postseason wins, having surpassed Pat Riley’s record. Even during the Eastern Conference finals, they poured water on each other after beating the Toronto Raptors. One thing is for sure – they can save a lot of champagne!

LeBron James said he was “setup” for this. He did not know it was coming and the players lied to him that they would be dousing Lue for having accomplished something. But the water bucket challenge went to James, instead as he cooled off with mirth and camaraderie with his Cavs peers.

In this game, Irving scored 29 points and LeBron notched up 27. LeBron, bettered Kobe Bryant’s record of hitting the 27k milestone and his current tally of points placed him as the tenth most scored in the league’s history.

ESPN reports that Lue is trying to get the Cavs to repeat history by winning the championship again. The strategy could be that he is giving each player certain instructions specific for them every night. This might explain a surge of confidence the Cavs have when pinned against the wall.

Kevin Love, for example, has improved his defensive game under Lue, and he was particularly impressed with the new coach’s approach. It seems that there are many contenders for the dousing ceremony if things get going in the Cavs camp.

LeBron James commented that it was a great chivalrous experience to celebrate like this and build the bonhomie. A team that also plays off-court together, stays together.

Photo source: Arturo Pardavila via Wikimedia Commons

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