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Derek Fisher NBA Championship Rings: Athlete Robbed Of $300,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Derek Fisher is the latest victim of robbery. His house in Los Angeles was robbed of thousands of dollars. More than the money, the robbers took away something very precious from his house.

The NBA champion Derek Fisher also lost five of his championship rings- this would have hurt the most. The authorities were told by the athlete that his Los Angeles home was robbed on Jan. 30, 2017. He found out that his house was broken into when he returned home on the same evening.

Derek Fisher NBA Championship Rings Robbery

Details have been coming in from the authorities on the robbery of Derek Fisher NBA Championship Rings and other valuables. LAPD says that the robbers broke into the house through the side door and stole the jewelry. No arrests have been made with regards to this incident yet but investigations are going on.

The basketball player has played for teams like Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma Thunder. He also served as a coach for New York Knicks from 2014 to 2016.

Personal Struggles For The NBA Star

One of the controversies that the player landed into was that of an altercation with his former Laker teammate Matt Barnes. Right in the center of the controversy was Barnes estranged wife Gloria Govan. Both Barnes and Fisher were once friends until a love triangle developed.

The two NBA players once shared a great friendship but animosity arose when Fisher began dating Barnes’ estranged wife Gloria Govan, reports Mail Online. When Barnes found out that Fisher was at Govan’s house with his estranged wife, he drove up to her house and apparently had a fist fight with his former friend.

Derek Fisher finalized his divorce with his wife of 11 years, Candace. TMZ reports that Fisher will pay US$1.3 million every year in spousal support and US$180,000 annually in child support. Candace told the court that she was “blindsided” when the Lakers player served her with divorce papers. She also revealed that he shifted his belongings out of their West Coast home in the middle of the night. Derek and Candace have four children together.

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A new report reveals that Derek Fisher does not have a reason to worry about the stolen NBA Championship Rings. A Lakers representative says that it could be possible for Fisher to get replacement rings.

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