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Craig Sager Death: The Legendary Reporter’s Best Suits Throughout His Career

Craig Sager death — Basketball fans all over the world grieve with the passing of NBA sideline reporter, Craig Sager on Thursday. Sager lost his two-year battle against cancer. Despite his sickness, he still continued at being one of the most amusing reporters that TV has ever witnessed.

Craig Sager gained popular because of his funny antics and his colorful sense of style. As a way of paying tribute to the legendary journalist, read on to see just how fashionable he has always been when people saw him on TV.

Craig Sager death

In April 2014, Sager opened up about being diagnosed with leukemia and missed the playoffs and much of the following season because he underwent bone marrow transplants. Earlier this year, Sager revealed that his leukemia was no longer in remission and was given a prognosis of having “three to six months to live.” Despite the disheartening news he received back then, he remained optimistic.

“I am receiving the best treatment in the world and I remain fully confident I will win this battle,” Sager said.

Sager worked basketball games for TNT for nearly three decades. In a statement, Turner president David Levy expressed how Sager truly “became an inspiration to all of us.”

“There will never be another Craig Sager. His incredible talent, tireless work ethic and commitment to his craft took him all over the world covering sports,” Levy said in a statement.

Craig Sager suits: The legendary reporter’s colorful fashion

Much more to his talent in delivering amusing interviews with coaches, players, and anyone else from NBA, Sager gained popularity because of the flashy suits he donned to games. He sported suits in every shade, wore patterned attires, and even matched plaid blazers and striped polo shirts in very bold hues.

Earlier this year, USA Today notes how Sager’s fellow reporters showed their immense support to him by leading a #SidelineForSager tribute. They made “Sager-like sartorial choices” and flaunted it with the same confidence the veteran journalist did.

During tonight’s game, players and coaches alike honored Craig Sager in the most fashionable way.

Craig Sager suits: See his most eccentric pieces throughout his career

Interestingly, Fox Sports has put together a  gallery that features Sager’s most daring, most colorful, and most unique work clothes choices throughout his career. For one, an ensemble made of a plaid polo shirt, a velvet blue coat, black slacks, topped with zebra-print kicks sure got everyone’s attention. You can view the gallery here.

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